Architectural Control Committee
Do you plan to build a new home, add on to an existing one, or build a gazebo, garden house or shed? Remember that the covenants you signed when you purchased your property require you to submit the plans to the Dugualla Community Architectural Control Committee before you start construction. Visit the Architectural Control Committee page for forms and information.
The Architectural Control Committee was established by the Dugualla Bay Heights Restrictive Covenants. The purpose of the committee is to help ensure that all structures erected within the community comply with the building and use restrictions contained in the covenants.
The committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and has the responsibility to review and approve/disapprove all building plans prior to construction. Specifically, no one may erect any building, dwelling or structure in Dugualla Bay Heights unless the plans, specifications and plot plan have been approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. The committee is charged with issuing written approval/disapproval of plans within 30 days of submission. If the committee fails to approve or disapprove the plans within 30 days after the written request is submitted, then no approval is required; provided that no building or other structure shall be erected which violates any of the covenants.
The form to be used for submitting plans to the committee is attached. You may obtain the form by printing it directly from the web site (Building Request Form), or by contacting one of the following committee members.
For more information about the Architectural Control Committee, please contact one of the following committee members below:
Shawn Albert
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